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The Arizona FAFSA Challenge is a statewide initiative designed to increase Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completions among high school seniors throughout Arizona and highlight the exceptional efforts that schools are making to encourage their seniors to complete this critical form.

The significance of FAFSA completion directly impacts a student’s access to higher education opportunities. Those who complete the FAFSA are more likely to enroll in college, persist in their coursework, and successfully obtain a degree.

As part of the Arizona FAFSA Challenge, the Arizona Board of Regents plans to host FAFSA informational webinars for school leaders this fall. Sign up for the FAFSA Challenge to receive information, resources and access to these webinars to help high school seniors complete the FAFSA.

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Awards and Recognitions

To commend and highlight the efforts of high schools involved, the Arizona FAFSA Challenge recognizes and honors schools each year at the conclusion of the FAFSA season. These accolades celebrate their exceptional contributions as leaders in FAFSA completion, both in terms of their overall performance and year-over-year progress. Through this recognition, the program encourages a healthy spirit of competition among educational institutions, fostering an environment where students receive the necessary support and guidance to confidently pursue their higher education dreams.

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