Arizona Board of Regents takes positions on bills, addresses remaining count of Attorney General lawsuit

Two female students walking outside on the NAU campus with one walking a bike.

Arizona Board of Regents takes positions on bills, addresses remaining count of Attorney General lawsuit

January 28, 2021

During a special meeting of the Arizona Board of Regents, the board discussed and took action to support the following legislation affecting the university enterprise:

  • HB 2017 - Appropriation; stem; learning; workforce development
  • HB 2142 and SB 1150 - Agricultural workforce program; apprentices; appropriation
  • HB 2390 and HB 2594 - Law clinic; stream adjudications; appropriations
  • HB 2454 - Telehealth; health care providers; requirements
  • SB 1078 - Medical student loan program
  • SB 1295 - Advance placement courses; exams; appropriations
  • SB 1296 - Collegiate athletics; compensation. The board supports the bill as long as the legislation directly aligns to any future actions of the NCAA.
  • SB 1377 - Civil liability; public health pandemic

The board also approved a motion to continue working toward the success of students and support elected officials in creating a permanent legislative solution providing certainty to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals students as well as other students who have completed an Arizona high school degree, providing them greater access to higher education through in-state tuition eligibility.

“We know that postsecondary education provides long-term individual benefits based on the kind of income that an individual can earn, the quality of life they lead, the health they have. The economy of our state as well highly depends upon raising the attainment rate in Arizona,” said Arizona Board of Regents Chair Larry E. Penley.

Authorization of stipulation with Attorney General Office to dismiss remaining count of tuition lawsuit

The board voted to authorize a stipulation with the Attorney General’s Office in which both parties agree to the dismissal with prejudice of the remaining count in the lawsuit regarding university tuition. This stipulation will result in an order of the Superior Court that will put an end to the lawsuit brought against the board more than three years ago. 


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