Regents' Cup

A celebration of free speech, civil discourse and democratic engagement at Arizona’s public universities, the Regents’ Cup engages students in rigorous debate anchored by respect and civil discourse. The Regents’ Cup provides an opportunity for students to compete through debate for scholarships and course credit in an engaging competition showcasing the commitment of the universities to upholding the intrinsic rights of all students to liberty and freedom of speech. The application process for 2019 is closed; applications for 2020 will be available to students in spring 2020.

Debate at public universities is a historic tradition that fosters leadership in students and rewards academic skills of questioning, sound argument and confident speaking. The Regents’ Cup competition is designed for students from all of Arizona’s public universities to engage in rigorous debate.

Team members will individually participate in a round of civil dialogue, solutions debate and persuasive storytelling, sharing true stories from personal experiences. Participants will adhere to a standard code of conduct, as defined by national benchmark standards. Judges will score teams and declare first, second and third-place teams. Each team will receive a portion of a scholarship purse.

The inaugural Regents’ Cup will be held at the University of Arizona on Nov. 16, 2019. Semi-final and final rounds are open to the general public during the afternoon. This tri-university competition features student team members engaging in debate and speech events that honor participants for articulating different points of view in an environment where competitors remain civil and respectful.

First, second and third-place winning Regents’ Cup teams will be awarded a scholarship to apply toward the advancement of their education. Students who are selected to take part in the Regents’ Cup may be eligible to receive either internship or course credit for their work.

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Sponsors may showcase their support for Arizona’s public universities and free speech through Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship opportunities. Sponsor benefits include an invitation to the Regents’ Cup reception following the event competition, prominent logo display in the main lobby highlighting the competition, brand recognition through social media promotion and news releases, and recognition on the event’s invitation.

To find out more about sponsorships, download this pdf file or call 602-229-2591.

A diverse panel of judges comprised of policymakers, educators, civic leaders, judges, community leaders and more will score student teams at the Regents’ Cup event.

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