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Image of a teacher in front of a classroom with a facemask on with two students with their backs to the camera in the foreground.

ABOR pre-board meeting media briefing

WHAT: The Arizona Board of Regents staff will hold a media briefing to review the agenda for the virtual Feb. 10-12 board meeting. Board staff members will be available to answer questions. Items on the agenda include:

  • General education policy/implementation update
  • Legislation affecting university enterprise
  • Arizona State University head baseball coach, head women’s basketball, vice president for university athletics multiple-year contracts
  • University of Arizona head football coach multiple-year contract
  • ASU operational and financial review

WHEN: 10 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 9

WHERE: The call-in number is (602) 229-2598.


Sarah Harper, 602-229-2542, 602-402-1341 |