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Northern Arizona University presidential leadership characteristics provide for dynamic, inclusive leader

(Phoenix, AZ) – Approved by the board today are leadership characteristics for the next president of Northern Arizona University. The board seeks a leader who will pilot NAU through the myriad of opportunities and challenges facing the university and the current higher education landscape as well as a visionary, dynamic, accountable and innovative president and chief executive for NAU.

“We appreciate the hard work of Regent Fred DuVal and Regent Lyndel Manson, co-chairs of the NAU Search Advisory Committee, who have been instrumental in developing these leadership characteristics. The characteristics will inform the search for the next president of NAU, an outstanding institution with a unique research mission tied to the university’s history and place,” said Arizona Board of Regents Executive Director John Arnold.

Additional leadership characteristics include:

  • A leader with an excellent reputation for professionalism, transparency, integrity and honesty who engages in open and honest communication and dialogue that engenders trust.
  • A commitment to the mission of the university, including its dedication to undergraduate focused education with world-class research in targeted areas of identified strengths and a commitment to serving Arizona.
  • A record of commitment, advocacy and success in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (e.g., recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff; infusion of diversity and inclusive teaching practices into the curriculum; and promotion of a work environment that is inclusive and collegial for all faculty, staff and students) with a commitment to creating an inclusive environment and closing equity gaps for underrepresented populations.
  • Ability to lead and nurture the focused research mission of NAU.
  • A demonstrated ability to listen and communicate in an authentic and genuine manner in both formal and informal settings, with empathy, respect and compassion.
  • An understanding of and commitment to NAU as a student-focused, individual centered university with small classes.
  • Ability to execute on NAU’s commitment to become the nation’s leading university serving Indigenous peoples and sovereign Native Nations.
  • A commitment to academic values and respect for the role of faculty and the principles of shared governance as provided in Arizona law.
  • The ability to retain, recruit and develop world-class teacher scholars, student-centered support staff and students that represent the diversity of our state and nation.

“We appreciate the contributions from the Search Advisory Committee, who provided invaluable insight into the characteristics that would shape the best leader for NAU,” said Regent DuVal. “With representation from the university’s administration, faculty, students and the community, this diversified group is uniquely qualified to inform the search process.”

“Approval of the leadership characteristics is the next step in the search for the next NAU president,” said Regent Manson. “We look forward to vetting prospects for the position as our search advisory firm identifies candidates for this crucial position.”


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