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Three students from Millennium High School!

AZCAC and FAFSA Challenge

October Most Innovative Player: Millennium High School

October 2022

Millennium High School Innovative Efforts -

  • Peer Coach Program Launch - The key in our successful launch was creating a dynamic Peer Coach team. The peer coach advisors selected four peer coaches based on counselor and student recommendations. The peers coaches are all go getters, intelligent, hardworking, respected, and well known on campus. FAFSA. Each brings a unique perspective and quality to the team.
  • Trainings - We participated in the statewide FAFSA boot camp trainings and the peer coaches and advisors attended online trainings through the FAFSA Peer Coach Program.
  • Social Media & Millennium TV - Students completed a video to promote FAFSA. Ongoing: Peer coaches promote FAFSA during college and career events AND during High School Football games (in the student section). Ongoing: Instagram & Facebook Posts with pictures of students in action.
  • FSA ID - Peer coaches visited all Government classes to remind students to bring SS# number to class on the following Friday to complete their FSA IDs. October 7, 2022- Peer Coaches completed FSA ID lessons in all Government classes.
  • FAFSA Virtual Night (Zoom) - Approximately 45 students & parents in attendance. Counselors, peer coaches, and advisors also attended. Counselors promoted this event through the Remind App and motivated participation by sharing that we were giving away three $25 Amazon gift cards. The program advisors used the Wheel of Names to select three winners at the end of the meeting. Elizabeth Christensen from GCC presented a 15 minute FAFSA overview, Diana Mateer from College Depot presented for 15 minutes about FAFSA Myths. There was 20 minutes of Q and A with excellent questions from the attendees. A bilingual counselor helped translate through the chat feature.
  • Millennium High School FAFSA Completion Night (In Person) - Peer coaches visited all Government classes to remind seniors about our in person FAFSA Completion Night. To motivate students and increase student motivation, peer coaches gave away one $10 Sonic gift card to the first student in each class to show proof of FAFSA completion. Peer coaches also shared with students that there will be pizza and prizes and the event. Counselors promoted the event on social media and by using the Remind App. Five experts from the community helped families complete the FAFSA. Grand Canyon University donated pizza for 100 families. The Peer Coach program provided the funding to buy refreshments and gift cards to give away.
  • Peer Coach Team Debrief and Planning - The team will discuss successes and challenges of our program and make a plan to increase FAFSA completion the 2nd semester.