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WICHE, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, promotes the sharing of higher education resources among the western states. One of the WICHE programs established for this purpose is the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). Reduced costs to many high-quality graduate programs are available to WICHE-state students through WRGP. In most cases, WRGP students pay tuition at resident student rates. More importantly, WRGP includes a wide range of graduate programs designed around the particular educational, social and economic needs of the West. Graduate program applicants who are residents of any participating WICHE state may enroll as WRGP students in participating programs. There is no requirement that students meet financial aid criteria, but they must fulfill all admissions requirements and deadlines set by the institution. Participating in WICHE's WRGP are 14 western states, listed on the reverse side of the brochure and over 100 graduate programs. If you are a resident of one of these states and the program you wish to attend is in WRGP, you are eligible to participate

Limited programs are available through WRGP. Students who are residents of any of these states must first find out if their program of interest is participating, then apply for admission and WRGP status directly to the participating institution. They must fulfill all requirements of the institution concerned, including admission deadlines. For a list of participating programs and contact persons, see the WICHE online directory available through the Regional WICHE website.